Valentine's Day Special

I have done this painting specially for valentine's day. I have used color pencils for painting this portrait.
This day is very special for many people. Many of them will celebrate this day with their valentine but Another group of people is there who can not meet with their valentine  because of the long distance relation.

Actually to love some one, missing that person is very important. When ever you start missing a person, basically you have started to love that person. And yes in today's world it is very difficult to find true love. Because its become trend to make girlfriends for the boys and boyfriends for the girls. It should  not like that "wow this girl is beautiful , I should love her"... actually no one know how love happens... it just happens... (Pyar kiya nahi jata bus ho jata hai...).....

when we start to love some one and that love is true then every things start to change suddenly.. The fillings is like violin is being playing everywhere,  the moon became larger in the sky, cold wind is blowing everywhere, the world become colorful.....  these feelings are great.. If some one want to feel these things then just love.