The Professor

Money Heist (SpanishLa casa de papel, "The House of Paper") is one of the craziest series on heist theme. If you have not watched the series till now I would highly recommend to watch this. The Professor who is the lead character of this drama literally win your heart. It is available on Netflix. Unlike other series all the seasons of this series are breath taking as well as fresh. Maximum people watch the series in one go including me. The music of this series, either the background music or the theme song "My Life Is Going On,"  everything is beautiful. Cherry on the cake is the Italian anti-fascist song "Bella ciao" which plays multiple times throughout the series. As a fan I tried to sketch The Professor. 

Tell me your favorite part of this series in the comment. Which character you liked the most? 

Abstract Watercolor Painting of a Girl

Actually, this kind of abstract painting doesn't have any boundaries for coloring. One may use any random colors, eyes can be made pink while skin can be colored green. Sometimes it may go wrong also, but who cares. Our main motive should be enjoying the process. Most of the time we go for the output and forget to enjoy the process of getting the output. 


The wonderful effect of water splashing out of a glass when an ice cube is dropped....

Romantic Dream

Painting after flood

Romantic Night

I have tried water color after a long time.For this painting I used round brush (6),colors: CRIMSON LAKE,PRUSSIAN BLUE,COBALT BLUE HUE,IVORY BLACK ,YELLOW OCHRE  and CHINESE WHITE.Its a romantic peaceful night.The nature is very colorful.Every one should enjoy the beauty of nature. 


I think this was the fastest drawing I have ever done. I took 20 minutes to do this drawing. Therefore I know many mistakes are there, still I am going to post this sketch. If you have any suggestion or want to comment then please go ahead..!!

painting of beautiful girl

For this painting I have used brush,paper and oil paint .. What do you thing about this painting???

She is sad and waiting for some one.. or happy and enjoying her happiness innerly..
Generally happiness is expressed by shouting, laughing, jumping here and there, but some times it happens to us that we dissolve in ourselves and enjoying that moment..